We are a charity now based in Boston, Lincolnshire and have spent over 35 years caring for and helping re-home this kind, gentle, affectionate and appreciative breed. We re-home all over the country. Please note that we used to be based in Selby, Yorkshire but we moved to Boston 10 years ago. We still do a lot of re-homing in Yorkshire as Karen is we are well known and respected there and throughout rescue. Karen will always find the right dog for the right home and we pride ourselves in getting things right for both the greyhound and the owner. The welfare of the dogs is the most important thing to Karen, after all, that is why she went into rescue and she still works the same way she did 35 years ago, showing each and every greyhound that passes through her care the love and respect they deserve. Karen never forgets any of her dogs names and each time a call comes through of a loss from old age, it takes a piece of her heart too…. even after 38 years she is still as passionate and I have never met anyone who understands greyhounds like Karen. If you would like to adopt a greyhound, then you will be in good hands here. We like to stay in touch and be on hand with any help and advice we can give. Finally, If anyone wants to adopt me, then I should be up for adoption shortly as Karen is fed up with my washing! Thank you for your time!x


Many of you will know the story of our chairpersons first sighting of two greyhounds, she was aged ten, yet the elegance and beauty of the breed lived with her until the age of 23 when she was able to adopt a greyhound of her own. From there a great passion for these noble gentle dogs was built and so the rescue sanctuary began.

Looking back over the years we have helped greyhounds from many different circumstances. There has been happiness, frustration, sadness and all those other emotions running riot that form part of running an animal sanctuary, but most of all there has been the feeling of great satisfaction when a greyhound has been re-homed into a loving family life, a life that enables them to build their own character, to be an individual and at last find themselves belonging and loved by someone special.

Greyhounds are great characters and dare we say it, have a great sense of humour. (We’re just waiting for scientists to finally catch up with what all Greyhound owners already know!)

Sponsor a Dog

In addition to rehoming greyhounds, we also offer sponsorships.

Unfortunately, some of the dogs that are with us have suffered severe trauma and will probably never be able to be re-homed.

However, you can help by sponsoring.

We will keep you updated with photographs, newsletters and a Christmas card! Please see how you can sponsor a dog in the information section.SPONSOR-patch 2

Sponsor a Cat. (Yes, really!)

Having over the last couple of years, (and somewhat surprisingly) found ourselves a meeting place for stray cats, we now have a number of permanent residents that may not at first seem congruent with a Greyhound Rescue, but we never turn a homeless animal away.
We now have a dozen cats that could use your help via sponsorship or donation and we hope soon, to help them into new homes.
The chap to the left goes by the name of Mr Castor and was a great friend of our now departed beautiful girl Wolfie.

Christmas Dinner Appeal

CHRISTMAS DINNER APPEAL – Can you give a £2.00 donation?

Each year here at Greyhound Rescue, Karen makes every dog in our care a full Christmas Dinner. This includes, Roast Turkey, Yorkshire Puddings, Roast Potatos, Veg, Stuffing& Gravy (No Sprouts)!

All the boys & Girls really look forward to this and enjoy it & get it again on New Years Day!

Of course they will be having a Christmas party too! Well, it wouldn’t be the same without! And, Karen will again be forced against her will, along with myself to dress up as Santa to deliver these meals – & the fun will begin!

You see, a lot of the dogs here are elderly or are here because they have issues such as illness or mentally scarred meaning they are simply too traumatised to be re-homed and so will remain in our care until the end of their natural life.

We need to make this time, extra special for them, as well as the ones waiting for homes.

Edgar is a good example of this. He came to us a few weeks ago and when he arrived he was as Karen describes one of the worst cases she has seen in 20 years. He is totally blind and so terrified. He also has a brain injury. Edgar is a 3 year old fawn male who has had a really bad time but with help from 2 other rescues he is now here in the safety of Karens care where he will get the continued support he needs and all the love he can wish for. Karen as some of you will know, is used to having a blind Greyhound, we all remember her beautiful boy Duke’ and I am sure Duke will be watching over Edgar as he deserves all the love and respect we can give him after such a sad start to his short life.

Then on the other side of the coin, Buster, another handsome fawn – 51/2 years old now & was brought to us by a trainer after being rescued from being put to sleep at the track by another trainer. He is stunning and has been here over 2 years as he was on reserved for quite some time & when that fell through (not his fault) people wonder why he has been here so long!!! Well, he is fun, friendly, very, very clean, amazing and adorable. He does get on with other dogs but prefers his own space so he needs to be re-homed on his own with no other pets. Either a single person, couple or family with older children as he is a bigger dog and loves a fuss. He is just lovely.

So, back to the dinners! If you can help in any way by donating a little to us the you can click on the paypal donate button on our website xxx

We also have the sponsorship certificates if anyone would like to sponsor one of our dogs. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you again





                             GOODNIGHT TO OUR TEDDY

Teddy 10 Teddy 12 Teddy 4

In memory of a very dear greyhound Teddy. One of many whom never got a chance of a special family, one of many who suffered a traumatic racing career, with people that didn’t care.

In Teddy’s case, his racing days scarred him to the point of being incapable to face life outside rescue kennels.

Yet, he had such an awful life until the age of two, he was a very amazing, kind, gentle dog. He took comfort from the bitches he has shared his kennel with over the many years that we have cared for him.

He has always seeked comfort and safety within his kennel and by closeness of his girls and of course the humans that looked after him. He sadly lacked any trust in strangers, being unsure and frightened by them.

He was a massive victim of the greyhound industry, an industry that many times over, ruins a dogs potential chance to be a family pet and the chance to have a happy life.

The loss of such a beautiful harmless greyhound without a bad bone in his body had greatly distressed us at the rescue. He will be so sadly missed by us all and especially his kennel mate Gem, whom laid by the side of him while he was put to sleep.

So run free Teddy, never to be afraid again and never to be hurt again. We miss you boy.

Goodnight and god bless, you have finally lost all the pain and hurt in your heart.

Be happy now Precious Boy xxx





Jumble 2 memorialjumble 3 memorialJumble-1 memorial


You always get those special moments in dog rescue, yes, you shouldn’t but believe me it happens. So in walks the most beautiful handsome greyhound, then named Jack. What a joy this wonderful dog was to care for and indeed fall in love with. Knowing what a special greyhound Jack was, we were over the moon when Linda and Lucinda of Greyhound Compassion wanted a male greyhound. They have been the backbone of this charity and deserved our special Jack. After meeting Linda and Lucinda and skipping down the lane with them, he was now entering a life of so much care, love and having an amazing family to adore him. Jack, now to be named Jumble, went on to raise thousands of pounds for his breed through Greyhound Compassion, fundraising. He was loved by so many people and promoted his breed in his so much gentleman manner. He lived with his girls, Petal and Tess and I’m sure they looked up to him perhaps for confidence and leadership. Only on the 13th January 2016, Jumble suddenly became extremely ill and left us all. He will always be one of those Greyhound Heroes, helping our rescue, Galgos in Spain (Scooby) and Greyhounds in Ireland with his fundraising and all his promotion for all Greyhounds needing help. So to you Jumble, our message is, You are a precious memory, you are a mentor for all Greyhounds. You have promoted and worked your magic for your breed and you are another bright star in our sky to look at with pride and love. You will always be our gentleman to be remembered, as you leave us you will join Duke and many others. Run free with happiness our darling Jumble. X Karen and Dawn and all your Greyhound family xxx

Jumble also being a star, mixed with TV stars! X

jumble 4 memorial







We are desperate to raise funds for   sand for the rescue. We need tonnes of it. We need either help from builders merchants, quarries or raising money to buy some.

We desperately need to sand a large area and need to do this as quickly as possible. If anybody can help us fundraise or has any ideas then please call or email.

This is very urgent. Thank you. Xxx


Horses 021 LG2_9334 Harry in bed

Duke                        George                    Harry

An old year ends and many of us have lost a special part of our lives. Let your memories live on for those we can no longer see. The ones that have been in our lives and have now left our side. We all remember them with love, tears and eventually a laugh will appear as we recall their funny moments. We keep them safe in our hearts forever more. The hardest part is that we can not visualise them anymore. But they are there. Thank yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back, for the love and care and special times you gave them and spent together and enter the New Year with that thought. Be honoured to have been such a big part of their life….because without you, they would not have had anything. And there are many who will never have the life you gave your friend so willingly.



I Thank you. xxx Karen


Janis Culotta Turek – Animal Communicator & Healer

Please read our pages on Janis, she is an amazing lady and has brought a lot of help to our rescue through her amazing gift. We can say without doubt she is second to none in helping with healing when a pet is ill or in communicating when a pet has passed away. I have never known anyone so spot on with this. We thank Janis from the bottom of our hearts for the love,help and support she gave to Quina, our horse through her devastating fight with laminitis of which we are now happy to say against all odds she has just started walking out after 14 months of treatment. We also thank Janis for her continued help in dealing with the numerous pets we loose. This job really takes it’s toll and sometimes it is a blessing to know you did the right thing and they are in a better place. Although some may not understand all this, or doubt it, it would be difficult with this lady. She is special.

If anyone wants to get in touch with Janis she is a distance reader but it is so worth it. Her details are below.

Janis Culotta Turek - Pet-Psychic