43. Hand Designed/Hand Painted/Pyrography/Celtic Greyhound collar (Red)

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Leather Greyhound Red 2.jpg
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43. Hand Designed/Hand Painted/Pyrography/Celtic Greyhound collar (Red)


Hand Designed Pyrography/Hand painted Leather Greyhound Collar in Red – Celtic Greyhound Design.


These beautiful designed leather greyhound collars have been designed by a special lady who has been in greyhound rescue for over 35 years and all patterns are unique as have been drawn by hand and then burnt in by pyrography, finally being hand painted and finished to waterproof them.

This makes them individual to each dog, so whilst we can make to order, no 2 will be the same.

These can take up to a week to make to order due to the process they have to go through.

And although these are very time consuming....it is all for the love of the greyhounds! To help raise funds for them.

We can do ‘some special bespoke designs’ made to order but these do take time and are priced at “£22.50 to £25.00 depending on design. plus postage.

Thank you for looking. x

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