Handmade Martingale Silver & Black Pattern Design (Cream webbing)

Handmade Martingale Silver & Black Pattern Design (Cream webbing)


Martingale Collar - Silver & Black Pattern Design - for Greyhound

This beautiful handmade silver & black pattern design, martingale collar has been made by a special lady here who has over 35 years in Greyhound Rescue and so know the breed second to none.

These collars are made with love and have been designed for comfort on the lead and any greyhound will look the part in one of these collars!
They have also been specially designed so they are extremely tough and with safety in mind, as many people experience problems with the normal greyhound collars with their greyhounds 'backing out' of them. This will not happen with one of these martingales.

All proceeds of anything sold goes to the greyhounds in our care. 
We are a registered charity and take pride in caring for every dog that passes through our doors. We are dedicated to helping in any way we can in to make the lives of these wonderful animals a little better.
We thank you for looking at our items for sale and are sure you will be happy with any purchase made. 
The Chairperson of our shop is 'Patch'....She is a 14 year old house greyhound and she oversees we keep up the highest standards on all our items or quite simply, we humans don't get a walk!

Thank you

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