1M. Sponsorship Certificates - Sponsor A Dog For A Year - Brindy

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Brindy Jpeg Certificate 2017 (1).jpg

1M. Sponsorship Certificates - Sponsor A Dog For A Year - Brindy


Sponsor A Dog - Brindy

Brindy is an ex racing greyhound who came into us as an emergency case after being rehomed by another rescue who refused to take him back.

He had only been homed with this lady and her very young daughter for a matter of less than a month when she realised he was not what she was expecting.

Brindy has issues after being abused - this is very obvious to us and although he is an extremely lovable boy he is not one that should ever be rehomed with a small child or with anyone with no experience of the breed or indeed any experience of dogs who need extra attention and care.

This resulted in him being abused further by being tied to a radiator in this ladies house as she could not cope. 

Brindy has a severe problem with his nails which when flares up causes infections in his legs so although this is under control and happens rarely now it is something that has to been carefully watched.

He also has issues mentally and just 'does his own thing' although sometimes, though not in a nasty way as he is a good boy. He loves a cuddle and attention but he has to go out straight after his food and he does bark for treats!!!

This poor boy has had a rough time but he does have a lot of love to give and we have put him on sponsorship but if the right home did come up for him from somebody who is willing to take on a more difficult greyhound (which is unusual) then we would consider rehoming him.

What You Get with the sponsorship 

You will receive a certificate (dog of your choice), a letter form your chosen sponsor dog and information about your new friend.

You are more than welcome to come and visit your new friend here at the rescue.

All funds go towards, food, bedding, vets bills and care of the greyhounds.

Many thanks for your support - It means more than you could ever know to these dogs. x

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