Martingale Collar, Tag Collar & Lead Set

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Lead Silver Martin tag collar.jpg
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Martingale Collar, Tag Collar & Lead Set


Martingale Collar, With Tag Collar & Lead Set for Greyhounds/Whippets/Puppies

This beautiful martingale collar with tag collar & lead (set), in silver & black design is stunning.

 These have been designed by the lady who set up the greyhound rescue charity and are handmade by her. She has over 35 years experience of sighthounds and is a very talented crafts person in all areas but her collars and leads are second to none.

These collars & leads are extremely strong but also very comfortable for your pet. They are very beautiful to look at so your greyhound/sighthound will always feel the part when wearing one!

All the proceeds go to the care of the greyhounds in the rescue here as we are an independent rescue charity - so not only are you making a special purchase at a very good price for your gorgeous boy or girl but you are also helping save another whilst doing so!

I know you will not be disappointed with your purchase. I have seen the time and effort and attention to detail that goes in to each and every one of these items. 

She does it for the animals.

Thank you for looking.

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