1I. Sponsorship Certificate - Sponsor A Dog For A Year

Pandora Jpeg Certificate 2017 (1).jpg
Pandora Jpeg Certificate 2017 (1).jpg

1I. Sponsorship Certificate - Sponsor A Dog For A Year


Pandora is a 9 year old blue brindle female ex coursing greyhound from Ireland. Stunning girl and very loving.

Loves people and cuddles!

She came over with her kennel mate Apollo and these 2 are inseperable!

The are quite big strong dogs and take some handling on the lead and are somewhat different to racing greyhounds - they are very much more aware of there surroundings and always on the lookout for anything moving about so you need to keep a strong hold of the lead and learn 'not to relax'! This is partly the reason they are still here. We have not found anyone suitable to take them both together as we could not separate them. But you never know?

What You Get with the sponsorship 

You will receive a certificate (dog of your choice), a letter form your chosen sponsor dog and information about your new friend.

You are more than welcome to come and visit your new friend here at the rescue.

All funds go towards, food, bedding, vets bills and care of the greyhounds.

Many thanks for your support - It means more than you could ever know to these dogs. x

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