1N. Sponsorship Certificates - Sponsor A Dog For A Year - Drac

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Drac Jpeg Certificate 2017.jpg

1N. Sponsorship Certificates - Sponsor A Dog For A Year - Drac


Sponsor A Dog - Drac

Drac is a Saluki Cross Greyhound and is an ex Circus Dog from Romania.

Drac and his brother Helsin were once known in the Circus as Erik & Cody and they danced and did tricks and performed on chairs for entertainment of us...the human race!!! Their free time was spent locked in small cages being fed scraps of bread etc....Needs I say more? Apart from the fact they came to us with so many scars on them and Helsin had to be carried from the van he was so terrified. 

They had never been allowed to run before they came here so when they got into the paddock they played together and it was so beautiful to see....unfortunately, they still felt the need to perform their dancing for us....but they are slowly learning that they do not need to entertain us....we can entertain them!!!

The eat well and have stopped racing their food down now and are coming on but again, these are 2 difficult boys because on the trauma they have suffered and so it will be difficult to rehome them as they have so many issues. They must go together if and when they do go - it would destroy them to be separated.


What You Get with sponsorship

You will receive a certificate (dog of your choice), a letter form your chosen sponsor dog and information about your new friend.

You are more than welcome to come and visit your new friend here at the rescue.

All funds go towards, food, bedding, vets bills and care of the greyhounds.

Many thanks for your support - It means more than you could ever know to these dogs. x

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