1E. Sponsorship Certificates - Sponsor A Dog For A Year - Opal

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Opal Jpeg Certificate 2017.jpg
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1E. Sponsorship Certificates - Sponsor A Dog For A Year - Opal


Opal is now 21 years young and still gives us the run around in the kennels as she still thinks she is 3!

Although she is getting a little more unsteady these days, we don't think she has realised this yet! 

Opal has been at the rescue most of her life after being retired from racing at 2 years old and although we have tried to re-home her, she is just not the house dog kind!

She has her own unique ways (like her mother before her)!

She is a very cheeky, loving little girl and cannot imagine her not being here as she moved here with us when we moved from Yorkshire and she is the last of the lifetime dogs still around! 


What You Get with the sponsorship 

You will receive a certificate (dog of your choice), a letter form your chosen sponsor dog and information about your new friend.

You are more than welcome to come and visit your new friend here at the rescue.

All funds go towards, food, bedding, vets bills and care of the greyhounds.

Many thanks for your support - It means more than you could ever know to these dogs. x

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