Below you will find the terms of the contract you will be asked to sign when adopting from Greyhound Rescue

Written 2001 Terms and Conditions for adopting a dog from GREYHOUND RESCUE

Thank you for giving a home to a retired/rescued dog. Please remember that adopting a dog is a very serious commitment that requires your time and effort.

Greyhound Rescue gathers as much information as possible about its dogs and this information is fully shared with you prior to the adoption.

Please note that it is not always possible for Greyhound Rescue to obtain the full profile of a dog as the majority of them come with only partial history or with none at all. Whilst most are ex-racing greyhounds, some may have been found as strays & have been starving, have suffered cruelty or neglect, may have been unwanted or simply retired from racing. Some may have never have been in a home before. Greyhound Rescue makes every possible effort to assess the dogs before they are re-homed and ensure they are in good physical condition. However, Greyhound Rescue can give no definite assurance on any aspect of a dog’s temperament, long-term physical condition, its exact age and pedigree, or predict the size it is going to be if it is still a puppy.

By adopting a dog from Greyhound Rescue and signing the contract you must understand the above and agree to the following:

  • You will give the dog/bitch a good caring home and promise that it will not be sold, raced, used for breeding, abandoned, neglected or given away or transfer the dog to another person apart from Greyhound Rescue Charity No 702522.
  • You will make every effort to ensure the dog settles well into its new environment, and you will invest in the relevant training and behaviour classes to facilitate this, if required. You understand this requires commitment and patience.
  • You will keep the dog/bitch vaccinated, de-flead and wormed throughout its life, and provide the appropriate medical care if necessary.
  • You agree to the being dog neutered/spayed and understand that you will pay for the operation.
  • You agree that you are responsible for all veterinary fees from the date of adoption onwards and that you are advised to consider the advantages of joining a Pet Insurance scheme.
  • You are fully aware of the special responsibilities of owning a sighthound (greyhound, whippet, lurcher etc.) that may have been trained to chase and will not allow it to be a nuisance or to worry livestock or small animals. You understand that you are liable for any damage that results from your negligence
  • You will use a muzzle if necessary and keep the dog/bitch on a lead so that it will not chase smaller animals, run away and/or cause harm.
  • The dog/bitch will remain microchipped, and this will be transferred from Greyhound Rescue/Trainer to the new adopter.
  • The dog/bitch must at ALL times wear an ID disc showing your name and address. Should the dog go missing, you will inform Greyhound Rescue, the Council Dog Warden, the Police and Dog Lost ( immediately. You will take all possible steps to find the missing dog/bitch.
  • You are willing for a representative of Greyhound Rescue to visit the dog/bitch to check on its welfare at any given time.
  • You will keep in regular contact with Greyhound Rescue regarding updates on your adopted dog/bitch.

 Returning the adopted hound to Greyhound Rescue*

  • Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment but in the unlikely event that you are no longer able to care for the dog, it must be returned to Greyhound Rescue Charity No 702522.
  • The greyhound has been adopted by the person/persons that signed the adoption form only and must not under any circumstances be transferred to another person. Greyhound Rescue have to approve and check any potential home of any of our dogs.


 Greyhound Rescue will not refund under any circumstances the donation fee if the dog/bitch is returned.

  • Once the hound is returned to Greyhound Rescue, the charity takes the full responsibility of it, and it will not be returned to the previous owner.
  • The dog must be returned with either the original vaccination card or an up to date current vaccination card showing the current vaccination status. If the dog was homed with a pet passport, this must also be returned with the dog.


     *Please Note: All dogs adopted from Greyhound Rescue remain the property of Greyhound Rescue Charity No 702522.*

In the unlikely event of the adopted hound having to be repossessed by Greyhound Rescue:

We will always work with you to guide you and offer help in any way we can but if we feel the adoption is not working and there is welfare issues with the dog or if the contract agreement is not being adhered to, then we will have no alternative then to repossess the dog without prior notice. The dogs’ welfare is the most important issue to Greyhound Rescue.

The dog must be returned with either the original vaccination card or an up-to-date current vaccination card showing the current vaccination status. If the dog was homed with a pet passport, this must also be returned with the dog.

Karen Schultz

As Issued By All Trustees at Annual Meeting on 6th March 2001.

Greyhound Rescue, Crimea Cottage, Sutterton Drove, Amer Hill, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE20 3RP

Terms & Conditions 2001 – Greyhound Rescue Registered Charity No 702522