Meet Edgar!

Edgar is a 3 year old fawn male greyhound who came to us saved from the Romanian circus.

He somehow was passed for travel. though when he arrived he was so terrified, he couldn’t walk and was carried from the transport into our house.

He was very confused but Karen noticed something more than this as soon as she laid her eyes on him….Edgar is totally blind. And, as if this is not bad enough for this handsome guy, he also has brain damage and has severe mental issues. Only to be expected from the abuse that this poor lad has suffered.,,,being beaten so badly.

Thank god he was passed for travel and that all those involved in his rescue gave him a chance….yes he will remain with us for life but this is not something Karen hasn’t dealt with before, although it is one of the worst cases of abuse she has seen in 20 years. He is starting to trust us slowly and is now 7 weeks in to arriving.

He is letting us tickle his belly and give him a cuddle and eats biccies from our hands and steals them from our pockets!!! He loves his meals and actively wants a fuss.

He struggles with the outside but we will continue to work with Edgar because he deserves a chance of the best possible bit of love, care and happiness he can…for how ever long he may have with in this world with us.

If you would like to sponsor Edgar then please use the paypal donate button and don’t forget to include the name and address of the person you want the sponsor from made out to.

It is £25 per year to sponsor a dog – You will get a certificate of your chosen dog & info

It is £90 per year to sponsor a kennel – you will also get a certificate & extras & also for this and also your name will be put on the kennel and you will be on our roll of honour.

We will be including anyone who donates to the sponsorship scheme in our next presentation appeal which is currently being produced and music being covered and a song written by Maria Daines who sang ‘Racing To Death. for the greyhounds. We cannot thank her enough for her support.