We care for Greyhounds, Cats and even Horses!

                                        *(Please note - we currently do not re-home any greyhounds with cats)*


We are a charity now based in Boston, Lincolnshire and have spent over 35 years caring for and helping re-home this kind, gentle, affectionate and appreciative breed. We re-home all over the country. Please note that we used to be based in Selby, Yorkshire but we moved to Boston 10 years ago. We still do a lot of re-homing in Yorkshire as we are well known and respected there and throughout the rescue world.

Karen will always find the right dog for the right home and we pride ourselves in getting things right for both the greyhound and the owner. The welfare of the dogs is the most important thing to Karen, after all, that is why she went into rescue and she still works the same way she did 35 years ago, showing each and every greyhound that passes through her care the love and respect they deserve. Karen never forgets any of her dogs names and each time a call comes through of a loss from old age, it takes a piece of her heart too…. even after 35 years she is still as passionate and I have never met anyone who understands greyhounds like Karen. If you would like to adopt a greyhound, then you will be in good hands here. We like to stay in touch and be on hand with any help and advice we can give.

We have dogs for re-homing now, so please give us a call on 07811 296029 to have a chat. Bullseye is desperate to find their forever home - please have at look on dogs for adoption.


*Important News Regarding Karen Schultz*

*Many of you looking at our website have known Karen for a number of years and know the dedication and care she has given to all animals over the last 38 years. Karen has saved Thousands over the years by doing all the work herself, including maintainence of kennels, property, land, fencing etc along with looking after all the animals. It has and is a vocation to her and the animals have come first and always will but it has been very hard, especially over the last couple of years.

Unfortunately Karen has been diagnosed with an illness of which there is no cure and is getting worse now so whilst she wants to remain private about the details at the moment, while she is undergoing her further scans she did want her friends and owners to know. BUT Karen, being Karen says that she will continue to do what she can, whilst she can.

So we are looking, going forward to raise funds specifically to get help in with to help with the animals so that we can continue Karens work and Karen will be giving out the orders although we do appreciate that will be hard for her as she has always been a hard manual worker. I know Karen has a lot of people who care about her and who will be concerned and I can tell you she will and does appreciate it.

WE will keep you informed but as I said she is carrying on at the moment.*

If anyone can help by donating however small then please use the paypal donate button - we will be adding a chart at some point to show how much we are raising and we will let you all know.

Thank you.





We've been helping the right dogs find the right owners for over quarter of a century (we feel so old!)

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Not all of our dogs are able to be rehomed due to anxiety or other issues caused by by ill treatment.

If you cannot give a dog a home at this time, but want to help you can sdo so by sponsoring one of our long term residents.

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