Adopting A Greyhound

Please contact the rescue direct on 01205 290145 or 07811 296029 for information about adoption a greyhound.

We like to talk to out potential owners and get to know a bit about you so we can find the right family member for you and most importantly, find the right human for the greyhound!!

We do ask questions like:

Do you have any other pets? *(we do not re-home with cats etc)*

What type of property do you live in?

Is your property owned or rented?

What is the height of your fencing? and is it all secure? – *(This is important – we will not re-home to anyone who is not secure, with at least 5ft and in some cases 6ft fencing with a fully secure garden where nobody can just wonder in and out of, such as postman for example. This is a must as greyhounds are sighthounds and very fast and they may jump anything lower.)*

Do you have children and if so what age?

Have you had greyhounds before?

What vet do you use or will you be using? *(we will request name and address of vet)*

We will do a home check and a vet check

Once you have met your potential pet, then we will put him/her on reserve until the home check is carried out. If for any reason the home check fails then he or she will be put straight back up for adoption. (in the event that there is a delay in your adoption taking place and we have place your potential pet on reserve, then we may do a preliminary home check (usually for new homeowners etc or people moving house) to make sure that the property is suitable for the dog. This is so we do not have a situation where we have a dog on reserve for on long period when it could have been avoided. We have been in this postion before.

We simply need to get it right for both you and the dog. The dogs welfare is always the most important thing to us. After all, We must remember what these dogs have been through and how lucky these are to have made it into rescue. We need your help and support to make the right choice so that we can continue to take the next ‘lucky’ one and give them their ‘forever home’.


Thank you.

Greyhound Rescue