We started out caring for and helping to rehome greyhounds. Since then we also help stray cats and horses.  



We are a charity now based in Boston, Lincolnshire and have spent over 35 years caring for and helping re-home this kind, gentle, affectionate and appreciative breed. We re-home all over the country. Please note that we used to be based in Selby, Yorkshire but we moved to Boston 10 years ago. We still do a lot of re-homing in Yorkshire as we are well known and respected there and throughout rescue.

Karen will always find the right dog for the right home and we pride ourselves in getting things right for both the greyhound and the owner. The welfare of the dogs is the most important thing to Karen, after all, that is why she went into rescue and she still works the same way she did 35 years ago, showing each and every greyhound that passes through her care the love and respect they deserve. Karen never forgets any of her dogs names and each time a call comes through of a loss from old age, it takes a piece of her heart too…. even after 38 years she is still as passionate and I have never met anyone who understands greyhounds like Karen. If you would like to adopt a greyhound, then you will be in good hands here. We like to stay in touch and be on hand with any help and advice we can give.


Many of you will know the story of our chairpersons first sighting of two greyhounds, she was aged ten, yet the elegance and beauty of the breed lived with her until the age of 21 when she was able to adopt a greyhound of her own. From there a great passion for these noble gentle dogs was built and so the rescue sanctuary began.

Looking back over the years we have helped greyhounds from many different circumstances. There has been happiness, frustration, sadness and all those other emotions running riot that form part of running an animal sanctuary, but most of all there has been the feeling of great satisfaction when a greyhound has been re-homed into a loving family life, a life that enables them to build their own character, to be an individual and at last find themselves belonging and loved by someone special.

Greyhounds are great characters and dare we say it, have a great sense of humour. (We’re just waiting for scientists to finally catch up with what all Greyhound owners already know!)

Finally, If anyone wants to adopt me, then I should be up for adoption shortly as Karen is fed up with my washing! Thank you for your time. x


For anyone considering buying or re-homing a dog, I would say every time, re-home one of these magnificent hounds and you will be rewarded in spades, with their gentle loving, lovable, friendly, adoring natures
— Christine Taylor, Loving owner of Lark



In addition to rehoming greyhounds, we also offer sponsorships.

Unfortunately, some of the dogs that are with us have suffered severe trauma and will probably never be able to be re-homed.

However, you can help by sponsoring.

We will keep you updated with photographs, newsletters and a Christmas card! Please see how you can sponsor a dog in the information section



Having over the last few of years, (and somewhat surprisingly) found ourselves a meeting place for stray cats, we now have a number of permanent residents that may not at first seem congruent with a Greyhound Rescue, but we never turn a homeless animal away.

We now have a dozen cats that could use your help via sponsorship or donation and we hope soon, to help them into new homes.

The chap above goes by the name of Mr Castor and was a great friend of our now departed beautiful girl Wolfie.