Unicorn Head Shave & Leg waxing Fundraiser! We did it!!!

So here is the proof!!

On 26th November as promised, much to my mothers disgrace, I braved the shave for the greyhounds!....and 2 lovely guys, James and Andy braved ...well, screamed their way through their legs waxed! 

We could not have done any of this without firstly, the amazing lady behind Greyhound Rescue, who throughout the years has kept this place going and fought since the late 80's for the welfare of this wonderful breed, Karen Schultz.

Karen has over the last year been battling a devastating illness and is now in constant pain and although she is a private person, I feel it is time to say what an incredible inspiration she is and the way she still carries on even though she finds it difficult to stand up for more than a few minutes at a time....she still against all advise, will not stop and will not let her animals down....and trust me, nobody can tell her what to do!

The other 2 people we could not have done this without are 2 special people who gave up their Sunday and their skills to help us. Tiffany Day who owns Spoils Beauty Salon, in Boston, Lincolnshire, who did the leg waxing and must say - Tiffany rather enjoyed it if you watch her face! Poor James and Andy! I do feel she was getting some kind of inner frustration out but she gave us quite a laugh! We will be putting all the details of 'Spoils Beauty Salon' on our website for anyone who wants to get on touch with Tiffany, we fully recommend her! She has a range of beauty treatments.

 Hayley Martin, the hairdresser, was more nervous than me at me having all my 'long hair' shaved off! I think I was just thinking of the dogs...since though I must say, I have been thinking how cold it is and have slept in my hat for nearly 2 weeks!

Hayley, who is self employed and works mobile one day a week and then based at Flinders Salon in Boston, Lincolnshire. Hayley has been in hairdressing for 20 years and fully qualified for 16 years.  Highly recommended too, she is an excellent hairdresser and I wouldn't hesitate in putting anyone in tough with either of these 2 lovely ladies. Both so good at what they do as well as being extremely good sports and having the kindest hearts to help animals.

Nobody can argue with that!

Thank you to James and Andy for your amazing screams and the laughter you created! That was the most fun for us personally....even Bobby the greyhound was laughing at you both (and Andy's his dad)!

So far we have raised nearly £1300 and the crowdfunding page is still open for about 3 more days - we also have a paypal donate button on the website here if anyone does still want to donate once they see what we have done. Every little bit really does help and we are so very grateful to all that have donated so far. You have all made a big difference. We thank you all.

You can also send cheques made payable to 'Greyhound Rescue' and send to Greyhound Rescue, Crimea Cottage, Sutterton Drove, Amber Hill, Boston, Lincs, PE20 3RP.

Finally, here are some pictures and videos of the day! Hope you appreciate the pain and fun....

Please note that the 'phonecall to my mum was a shock for her and she is still very mad at me' that maybe worth a donation in itself as she was fuming I was having my beautiful long hair shaved off!!!! And she is going to be more fuming that I have outed her call online!!! As I am only 48 and 'not to old for a clip around the ear'!

Dawn Schultz



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