On The Line: Cradle To Grave - Documentary featuring Karen Schultz

This is how long it has been going on but we must remember - whist things have got only slightly better since these times - we are facing an even bigger issue now with the ending of greyhound racing....not only the fact it may go 'underground'....or the influx of hundreds of thousands of greyhounds, or the worry of the amount of greyhounds going 'missing or destroyed' but we have to worry now about the live export of these already abused greyhounds, to Pakistan, Spain and China, where their fate is to be much worse....not only terribly beaten and abused but also boiled alive and used for meat and even their skins used! How can we let this happen to any dog?..... We know it is easier to just put a few coins in a charity tin and your conscience is clear...you do not want to think about it because the thought is too much...but it does not stop it happening. And these dogs need all of us...We all need to stand together, for Freya and her pals, who so desperately would not want to see the abuse she or Edgar suffered happen to any other animal. They are safe now....But please help us fight for the other, bu NOT turning a blind eye. Share the information. However hard, people need to be educated. Then, once we have a STOP on live export, we can continue the fight against the greyhound industry.