The Mis-understood Greyhound

The Mis-understood Greyhound

Owners have raced greyhounds for many years and people see them muzzled, chasing a make believe hare. The public gain a lot of excitement from the spectacle and gamble thousands of pounds on their performance. When they have finished their usual track life, either because they are too old, injured, or just not fast enough, they are disposed of. The lucky ones end up in Greyhound Rescue for re-homing as family pets.

The problem they then have is overcoming the public's image of the breed. It is generally thought that they need to be kept muzzled, are dangerous around children and need lots of exercise.

As with all breeds each greyhound has it's own temperament but in general greyhounds are extremely lazy, spending most of their time either flat on their backs, with their legs in the air, or sprawled out in their bed fast asleep. Most only need two walks a day and the freedom of an enclosed back garden. They love a cuddle and in particular like their bellies rubbed.

A greyhound sees a lot further than a human being and if they see something in the distance they will set off to chase it, so the should be kept on a lead at all times when walking them, but they saunter along at a gentle pace, giving the owners a steady walk.

In general a Greyhound is one of the most loving pets to own and will give many years of love and friendship to it's lucky owner.