Why I Was Born A Machine

I was bred in Ireland then shipped across the sea to England when I was about 13 months old where my career as a racing greyhound began. Along with my littermates we were sold and split up. Going our separate ways, I did not know what lay ahead. On arrival into what was to be my racing kennels, I was just a little nervous, the place was busy and noisy. Put on the track to trial in with many others of my kind, I did quite well, I was in the business of earning my owner and trainer money and of course my keep. I made many friends with the other greyhounds but knew there was something not quite right. Some nights when my pals went racing, some of them never returned to the kennels. Old faces I'd known kept disappearing, I did not understand. Then one night while I was racing there was such a pile up on the bend: three of us were injured, I being one. I heard men's voices, he's no good now, you can take him up to the Northeast or too the Sanctuary in the West, they will kill him for £10. I then realised why my kennel mates had been disappearing. Unfortunately I never saw one of the injured dogs again but I was lucky enough to have a decent owner, who took the trouble of finding me a safe house and that was at Greyhound Rescue. I've been taken care of here, my fear of the unknown has gone, everyone is kind to us and we even get a hug etc. There are what (if I may be so bold) some very old timers here, they will never disappear. I've been told many a time, that when I leave the rescue I will go with good, kind people who will take care of me, love me and be patient while I settle in to what humans call having a family. If I had a family, I would pay them back 10 times over for all the love they gave me. Along with many of my pals, I'm waiting patiently for a home, somewhere I can rest and play and wag my tail without fear.

Please, Please can you help myself and others to find a place into your home, family and hearts? We have so much to give if only given the chance.