OFFER THEM YOUR HAND - Poem By Karen Schultz

A beautiful land where barking souls lie

For those gentle creatures that have said goodbye

With patience and in silence awaiting a call

From that human that loved them and gave them their all


Given their all with a reassuring gentle touch

These souls had a life where nothing was too much

The hugs and caresses and the walks in the park

No longer were these creatures afraid of the dark


You gave them a reason to be happy and free

They slept in peace, knowing when they awoke there you would be

To care for them and protect them from fear

They now wait for you, for the time you are near


The time has come and you’re together again

Never will you both feel that heart breaking pain

With laughter and joy and tears you cry

No longer do you have to say goodbye


But wait a minute and look around

You’ll notice some greyhounds do not make a sound

The forgotten ones, their lives were a race

But these gentle souls could not keep the pace


So off to the vet or worse they were bound

And that’s why these dogs do not make a sound

They had no family and died in despair

Their lives were just far too much to bare


They now wait for you, to hold out your hand

So they have someone to walk by in this beautiful land

 A message to you.

 Please offer these greyhounds a home in life, let a family be where they are all bound

And lets lesson the ones that don’t make a sound…

Karen Schultz

Angel Paw.jpg