1H. Sponsorship Certificates - Sponsor A Dog For A Year - Edgar

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Edgar Jpeg Certificate 2017.jpg

1H. Sponsorship Certificates - Sponsor A Dog For A Year - Edgar


Edgar is a 4 year old fawn greyhound who came to us from the Romanian circus.

Edgar has had a very difficult and extremely sad start to life and is lucky to be alive at all. In fact it is the worst cruelty case we have seen here in near on 20 years.

This young man had been hanged and some how managed to escape death, but has been left not only traumatised but has been blinded from being staved of oxygen from the hanging and was thought to have brain damage although we have worked with him now for just over a year and he has become the most loving adorable , clever young man.

It is truly a credit to him the he even give us humans the time of day let alone has learned to trust a couple of us?

He is a gentle soul and he loves music, he will dance in the kennel with us, he has learned to play and loves food and treats.

He is still terrified of the outside and has to be helped out but he will now leave is kennel to wonder up and down to see the other greyhounds...

He has come a long way but he needs constant care - as with Drac & Helsin who came from the same place, and Ilona, they have all been mistreated in ways we cannot imagine.

If you would like to sponsor Edgar, he would be delighted! This would help a great deal towards his future care. Thank you.


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