1P. Sponsorship Certificates - Sponsor A Dog For A Year - Ilona

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Ilona Jpeg  Pup Certificate 2017.jpg

1P. Sponsorship Certificates - Sponsor A Dog For A Year - Ilona


Sponsor A Dog - Ilona Puppy

Ilona came to us as a 3 month old greyhound puppy rescued from the Romanian Gypsy Circus. 

She was lucky enough to be taken out long before she encountered anything like the abuse of what Drac, Helsin and especially poor Edgar did. Ilona is remaining at the rescue and will start work soon as a fundraising dog in the place of 'Beau' who we lost to bone cancer in March 2017. 

She will be raising funds at charity events and will be out and about to show people what great pets greyhounds make! 

She has just got over her 'puppyhood' thankfully!!!! So we are now training her up so watch out for upcoming events with her!! 

Her litter sisters were rescued earlier this year and were brought over to us and successfully rehomed. 

Ilona says she will be really, really thrilled if you sponsor her as she is very new to this!!! 

What You Get with the sponsorship

You will receive a certificate (dog of your choice), a letter form your chosen sponsor dog and information about your new friend.

You are more than welcome to come and visit your new friend here at the rescue.

All funds go towards, food, bedding, vets bills and care of the greyhounds.

Many thanks for your support - It means more than you could ever know to these dogs. x

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