Meet Billy The Brave - Still looking for his new home?!

Billy is a gorgeous black male greyhound who anyone will just fall in love with!

Can I just say something about Billy - he is just wonderful! He reminds me of Gamble my first Greyhound from Karen although a little smaller in size he is so very calm, loving and just no words ca describe this joy of a lad! If I was walking through these kennels (I know I love them all but he would melt me)! He can go with a female too! He is amazing!

He is new into rescue and waiting for his new family to find him and show him what life is really all, play and! 

He will give love and fun back in bundles! 

A wonderful boy and to watch any ex racing greyhound learn the new experiences of what we have all taken for granted with normal pet dogs such as 'play', is the most wonderful experience for any owner, new and old owners.

Billy will make someone the ideal pet.

If you think you are fun loving enough to make Billys dreams come true, then please call the rescue on 07811 296029 or email

(Please do not forget to add your address and contact number on emails)


Billy Brave!

Billy Brave!

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Brave 4.jpg