Drac and Helsin

The most perfect set of eight legs I have ever had the pleasure to rescue. Our beautiful 11 month old Saluki X Greyhound brothers have arrived from a Romanian circus, having the ordeal of not just a terrible start to their lives but also a 5 day journey from Romania to us.

These boys need a very special home and a very loving family.

As they are from Romania we have called the Drac & Helsin lol.

Helsin, the darker of the two, arrived as a very nervous young man, Drac is very much the protector of the two and looks after his brother. They simply adore each other.

But, I must say after a good meal and cuddles, it took them little more than an hour to show us what wonderful characters they really are.

After such a sad start to their lives. we are not prepared to re-home them seperately. They must go as a pair as they deserve to stay together. They are perfect partners, playful and loving, waiting for that special home.

For more information on these lovely boys, please contact us direct by phone.

They are fully vaccinated, castrated and passported and ready to give such pleasure and love to the right home.

I can say these dogs are out of this world, so very, very special, handsome and unique characters.

If you think you can give these 2 boys what they need then please contact the rescue on  01205 290145

A big thank you to Wendy Etheridge for getting these dogs to safety. We will look after them and get them the caring home they deserve.

On sponsorship only for now as need some training –  they are still pups in their heads and need a bit of work due to their size! X