Meet Deacon - Re-homed!

Deacon Has been Reserved and is waiting to go to his forever home later this week 2/10/17

Deacon is a gorgeous black greyhound with so much love to give and full of fun.

He is 5 years old, very good on lead, loves his food, loves to play. He is very good with other dogs and likes his girls!

This boy is a sweetheart and we were going to use him for fundraising but after 'Gem lot her kennel mate Teddy' we decided to put Deacon in with her to cheer her up as she has become depressed. He certainly did this for her and got her back to the happy confident Gem we know!

He also did the same for Bonnie (who lost he kennel mate 'Harry') so Deacon we feel has done his bit to deserve a home, especially after he has also been a racer so we thought long and hard about it and we cannot be selfish and keep him kennelled - he needs the one to one love he deserves.

So if anyone can find it in their hearts to love him like we do then please call us on 07811 296029 or email

Thank you

Deacon c.JPG