Blanca is an 8 year old female white & Black greyhound who has been at the rescue all is life and is kennelled with her brother Lobo.

Her & Lobo are on sponsorship as they have never been able to find homes due to their 'puppy like' ways. 

They were born here when a bitch was brought in pregnant and her and some of her siblings were not the easiest and take after their mother who is also a cheeky little monkey!

Whilst Blanca and Lobo are a really playful pair and do love people they do not like to be away from the kennels. They are easily distressed if they even go for a walk with someone different!

As is their litter sister 'Solo'!!! It was not an easy decision to keep the in rescue but for them it was kindest one as they just will not cope with any other life. They are very well loved and treated as part of the family as are all the dogs here.

So they are all on the sponsorship scheme unless an angel comes along with a lot of time, patience and is at home 24/7!!! These are not typical of the greyhound breed at all!!!

If you want to sponsor Blanca then please do so in our online shop or call 07811 296029 - you will make her day! X

Blanca xx

Blanca xx