Meet Opal has passed away

Opal is a 22 year old ex racer who has been at the rescue nearly all her adult life!

Opal is like a 3 year old puppy still to say she is such a great age!! However, she is becoming an older lady even if she doesn't realise it herself.

Opal has always been a fun loving girl and being a really small dog, has the ability to 'get where water can't'. To be fair to this beautiful lady, she is a dream to be around and is nothing but joy and love. 

To imagine life without Opal - well, we just couldn't but then we consider her age? She is not yet the oldest greyhound Karen has had though. That was Wolfie who was 22. Opal is heading for a possible record!

She is kennel with her daughter Gem - who is also a very fun loving girl. They get in bed together and Opal loves to clean Gem! Afterall, Gem is her baby and only 9 years old!!!

If any dog in the kennels were to give us the 'runaround' and not want to come in and just want to play, come rain or shine, it will be Opal! She is a real little monkey.

If you would like to sponsor Opal then please email or you can buy her certificate on our online shop very shortly.