Meet Lucinda

Meet our 'Lucinda'

Before we talk to anyone about Lucinda we need any potential adoptors to know that whilst a beautiful loving girl, gorgeous colour etc, Lucinda has got issues!!! She is not used to pet dogs and has real problems with small dogs and is strong on lead. We therefore are being careful about homing her as needs to be to a previous greyhound owner who can continue to work with her. She is fine with bigger dogs and one a small dog barks and she realises what it is!!! So please call if you are serious and have got the time to help with her only.

Looking for her forever home. She is 3 years old (4 in Oct) and would really like to snuggle up on a sofa as soon as possible!
Now this little girl has been quite a hit with the boys in the kennels! Edgar, Ben and Billy have all taken a shine to her - not to mention Drac and Helsin! She is a really kind, loving, playful and sweet girl! You will just love her, love her, love her!!! 
Anyone who thinks they have what it takes tore-home this gorgeous little girl then please call Dawn or Karen on 07811 296029 or email
Check out our website for more dogs to adopt! Billy, Linda and Ben are still waitng!
We do not re-home with cats and when re-homing with small children we do have to consider each application carefully.

ps...She loves going fundraising and cake shops!!! - and cheese shops and the mugging cars as they are parked at side of road!!! (Yes she did the sponsored walk and was in charge of the charity tin)! X

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