Edgars Story

Edgar - The sad state of a beautiful greyhound

Edgar came into greyhound rescue in September 2016, rescued from the Romanian circus & was supposed to be all set to be re-homed when he got here, with a possible home awaiting him after being saved from being hung.
On arrival, Edgar was found to have had such devastating problems that he could never be re-homed & would need to spend his life here with specialist care.
Edgar was not only found to have severe mental trauma, of which you could expect from a dog that has been so physically & mentally abused, but he is also totally blind & has a brain injury.
Now, a few months in. that dog that arrived shaking so hard & wouldn't turn his head to face us, crunched up in a corner, who had to be carried from the transport van, so terrified he hadn't even been to the toilet apart from 1 pee for the 5 days it took him to get here, is now actively waiting for his food, stealing treats from our pockets, putting his nose in our faces for a kiss & wanting his belly tickled.... He follows us around his kennel & sits with his bottom in his bed & front paws out with his nose in air, & also now gives a paw & taps back of our legs for a treat if they are not fast enough! He is growing more confidence each day.
That said, when Edgar came, we had to carry this young man to his kennel as he wouldn't walk. Purely due to fear. He still hasn't built up enough courage to leave the safety net of his kennel..this will take time & that is something he will be allowed. Time to to do it all...but in his time..no pushing or forcing him as this could mean a massive setback.
We want Edgar to have as long & as happy a life as he can & he deserves this.
We will never know the true force of the abuse he has suffered but he is only 3 years old & this is the worst case Karen has seen in 20 years.
Over the time Edgar has been with us, one thing has become clear to us, one of the devastating things that has happened to him.
His fur has grown back into a very beautiful coat...apart from the neck area, where someone has tried to hang him. Somehow, this poor greyhound escaped this fate and although it has left him blind possibly through lack of oxygen to the brain & has so much trauma to deal with, at least we know what we are dealing with. And, Edgar will be treated with the respect & total love & care he deserves.
This boy will now have a quality of life....we will make sure he never wants for anything again.