My Little Sister 'Mrs Greyhound' - By Beverly Carroll

My Little Sister – AKA Mrs Greyhound – By Beverly Carroll

(A reply written by Karens’ sister Beverly after reading the article 'Without You Mrs Greyhound’ by ‘Freya – One of our kennel dogs)

Karen and I have enjoyed a close relationship always. Our passion in life has forever been for animals and wildlife.
When Karen was 14 she grew exceptionally tall in a short period of time and she became very lame.
She was diagnosed with the condition ‘slipped epiphysis’ which had badly affected her hip joint and was attributed to rapid growth which had caused the weakening of the joint.
The condition required major surgery and as a consequence of the surgery she was confined to a hospital bed and traction for a period of nine months.
When she eventually returned home, we were informed that she would virtually be required to learn to walk again.
At this time Karen was given a young dog, a greyhound cross whom she named Zak. 
As Karen began the long road to recovery Zak was her constant companion and this was the beginning of her life-long love of Greyhounds!
When Karen left school my mother and I implored her to attend art collage as she is a gifted artist and superb craftswoman.
However, she was adamant that she wanted only to work with and care for animals.
Karen worked with a local vet and his team gaining valuable experience in the care and welfare of animals.
Eventually, over 30 years ago, Karen founded the Greyhound Rescue Charity, which she still runs today.
I met some of the early dogs which she rescued, some of which affected me for many years. I could not believe that these sick and traumatised animals would ever recover. However, Karen with her magic touch, restored not just their health but their trust in the human race once more.
The amount of animals she has loved and cared for is immense. And there have been many occasions when Karen has stayed all night with a sick animal, even sleeping in their kennel or stable (sometimes for weeks). Not only does she rescue dogs, but cats and horses, the other love of her life.
Karen also keeps a vigilant eye on any current animal cruelty case, not just in this country but also Globally. She is involved in many campaigns.
Karen now suffers with back problems and also arthritis …. The result of her childhood condition.
Despite these problems she soldiers on completing many tasks, maintaining stables and kennels on a regular basis. She has been observed building and repairing fences to protect her large animal family whilst balancing on crutches.
Karen in Brave, Inspirational and completely Dedicated.
My love for her and the pride I feel for her is indescribable.

With Love to you Karen – A Tribute From Beverly X