Sponsored Walk - In Memory Of Freya - 12th August 2018 At Woodall Spa - Meeting 1pm

Please Come and join us on our sponsored walk in memory of our beautiful sponsor dog Freya who we lost so suddenly,

Freya raised such a lot of funds for the recuse in her life here for all her friends and her life was cut short with a sudden illness.

She was such a popular girl and loved everyone who walked through the doors! I don't think I have known one person who didn't want to take Freya home! Unfortunately, she wasn't a dog that could be re-homed although we did try. And her adopted owners who did try and try with her, and who were devasted when she had to come back here, are coming on the walk with us. They always loved Freya. They will be there with Chalky and Xena and I am sure it will be a difficult one for them too.

This walk we are hoping to do each year as Freya was imported in the face of the rescue as was Duke. We would also like this to be a walk to remember all the ones we have all lost and let them all know this is their day.

So come on and join us - it is a sponsored walk but if you cannot get sponsors - that is ok - we have a charity tin there on the day - we can just get people to drop a donation in! Let her Legacy live on.





CAR PARKS:  There are two car parks free for the first two hours: Dambusters Memorial, Royal Square (Station Road) and one near the Police Station also on Station Road (B1191).

MEETING POINT: By the Pinewoods Walk trail map to the right of public toilets (black and white building) on Spa Road. 

TIME: 1.00 PM

Please be aware that the Pinewoods Walk is surrounded residential roads with passing traffic so please keep dogs safe.   Please also pick up after your dog(s).  Thank you.

Enjoy the walk in this pleasant shaded woodland with avenues of diverse trees.


1.      With the public toilets (black and white building) behind you and the wood in front of you, turn left and walk along footpath with the woodland on the right.  You are now passing the back of the parade of shops on your left.

2.      At the Woodland Trust signpost (“What will your legacy be?”) take the footpath to the right.

3.      At the crossing of the footpath with the post with the carved image of a face (the green man) on your right, take the track to the left.

4.      At the end of the track and on meeting the crossing of the footpaths take the footpath to the right.

5.      Continue straight on, passing wooden post way mark with carved pine cone on it on the right and keep straight on.

6.      At the next crossing of footpaths (“crossroads”) with the Holly tree on the opposite left corner, take the footpath to the right with silver barked trees on either side of the path.

7.      At the next crossing of footpaths (“crossroads”) with the large Oak tree on the right, continue straight ahead, continuing on the righthand footpath.

8.      Continue to the right, walk to the right of the fallen tree and keep straight ahead.

9.      Follow the footpath straight on, passing the bench on the right.

10.  Take the footpath to the left.

11.  At the junction of footpaths, take righthand fork. 

12.  At the next “T junction” of footpaths, take the righthand footpath.

13.  Emerge from the woods with the public toilets on the right with Spa Road behind them.

At this point, with public toilets behind you, turn left and walk along footpath with woodland on your right and back of shops on your left. 

See you there. Greyhound Rescue Contact number - 07811 296029

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