Binty & Danny


In 2005 a gorgeous 5yr old black greyhound called Drive me Crazy came into my life.  With the kennel name of Britney I knew immediately that that had to be changed and she became Binty. Binty was cheeky – she would chew anything and everything – remote controls, cables, tin plates, bed sheets, dvd cases and anything else that she fancied.  I would frequently come home to find the post in pieces.  She was known as Bintybog due to her passion for drinking out of the toilet!  Day 1 with me she stole a pie from the kitchen counter, left the pie on the floor and ran into the lounge with the tin pie case as though asking for dinner with her bowl, and I thought that she would have preferred to eat the banoffee pie!! Binty managed the move when we moved from the country to the city and continued her scavenging role.  Salford had so much more opportunity for finding pizza scraps, even better when Danny had no teeth to eat them with so she could have everything!!  She loved my wife and would love her ‘ra ra’ time when she would have rough and tumble on the floor with lel. Binty developed kidney problems and became very fluffy, she was our ‘fluffer’, our little owl and looked like a badger as she got older. She was still so so beautiful. On June 28th 2014 Binty asked us to let her go and with the help of our brilliant vet she moved on to join her Wolfie who had gone so many years before.  7 months on, we miss you every day gorgeous girl.  No-one will ever replace you. You were my first dog and got me through everything. We love you gorgeous girl, sleep well.xx


It is difficult to truly describe Danny. By the time we lost him, at the age of 9yrs old he was known as our toothless, tail-less, hairless, brainless wonder! Before that he had many other names, an anaconda on springs, commander Dan Dan and most of all, our gorgeous Danny boy.  He was a true clown and would make you smile and laugh whenever anything wasn’t so great. In 2010 I was lucky enough to get Danny from Karen and after five fabulous years with him, on 28 September 2014 he made the decision to leave us.  We had no choice, just as he had had no choice 3 months earlier when his beloved Binty girl had left.  He is now back with her, curled up together as they always were, happy. Danny, we miss you every day.  Our newbies, whilst very cute and lovely are not, and we do not want them to be you but we miss you, so much.  Sleep well gorgeous boy. All our love, Mummy Ruth and Mummy Lel xxx

danny memorial.jpg