Pets At Home Fundraising With Deacon

On Sunday 11th March 2018 Deacon went out fundraising with his new dad Tom, uncle Del and Karen & myself to Pets At Home in Boston with whom we are partnered with.

We all had a good day and Deacon enjoyed being pampered and cuddled and just adored by all. Nothing fazed him at all!

He walked around the store had a look at the rabbits, mice, rats, hamsters! Not a bother from him! Wasn't remotely interested in anything but a cuddle.

Such a funny kind soul he is. Looking stunning in his show coat made by Karen.

H was more than happy to strut his stuff in it!

He had his toy duck & chicken on his head and not a reaction from him!

He is such a calm boy but then always has been. They are all different. Deacon had a few small dogs come up and bark in his face and his reaction was to ignore them. Other he kissed!

He was excellent. As was Bob the previous time. 2 Great fundraisers though very different dogs.

Well done to all, Tom, and Del, thank you so very much, we really appreciate ti and to Deacon, you are the star of the show as always! 

Karen really enjoyed it too as did I.

Thank you to Pets At Home Boston again.

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