Lola's Tribute To Boris

Dear Boris

I am so sad that you had to leave us.  I followed  one step behind you on my first Great Global Greyhound Walk and I felt safe with you. You showed me that there is a much better life after the Race Track, and you gave me the confidence to go out and enjoy my  new life adventure.  I will never forget you, Boris.  Run free with the wind in your face and the sun on your back.

Love Lola xx






A message from Karen & Dawn at Greyhound Rescue X

Although Boris did not come from our rescue, he became special in our hearts not just because he was such a stunning beautiful greyhound but he was the reason Lola is with her mum Susan.

Susan contacted us after meeting Boris shortly after moving into her property and asked us if she could adopt 'Bonnie'. At the time, Bonnie was not ready for adoption having just lost her kennel mate Harry and being comforted and possibly being re-homed with a male. So we had just got a very young gorgeous girl in called Lola, who we were going to keep for fundraising - we knew she was very special.

However, Karen decided Susan was the perfect home for Lola and so off she went, and within a couple of weeks, Lola met Boris and the 'love affair' began. She adored him. We as humans do not always appreciate how close these dogs become and what an affect losing a mate has on another - even if they do not live together.

Well done Boris for showing Lola the strength she now has and for showing Susan that Greyhounds make the perfect pets! You will be sadly missed by all that knew and loved you and by those who knew of you.

Keep on doing what you do best Lola with your mum - just what Boris showed you and teach all the other new ones the way.

In Memory Of Boris

RIP Boris - Run Free xxx