In Memoriam

A Tribute To Magic

A great sadness and black cloud has hung over so many people’s lives and we are no exception at Greyhound Rescue at the announcement that Greyhound Compassion have lost their beautiful boy Magic.

Many of you met Linda and Lucinda of Greyhound Compassion on our memorial walk held at Woodhall Spa where they were accompanied by their lovely girls, Petal and Tess and of course handsome Magic, who was the heart of this special family. Firstly, as a much treasured family member to Linda and Lucinda, secondly as a fundraiser and ambassador for his breed less fortunate than himself. Magic went about so willingly, everyone that met him were left with such an impact and an insight of how gentle and loving greyhounds can be.

So Magic, without further ado ,let’s take a look at your life.

Of course you started your life as a racing greyhound and you totalled up over 120 races in your career.

As a lot of your breed, you didn’t expect anything special and more than likely wouldn’t have got it anyway. So you carried on as a number, among thousands of dogs on the race track.

But soon for you, the best was yet to come, and your life was to take a very different role, so around the corner appeared your special family and your time for that forever home.

You were introduced to Linda and Lucinda who were looking for that special edition to their family and one that would be a good companion to their 2 girls, Petal and Tess.

On meeting little Tess, she let you know that as long as you realised she was the boss, she was fine with that.

Petal was rather more shy when she met you, but took things in her stride, so all this was a brilliant start.

Linda and Lucinda instantly fell in love with you, but who wouldn’t as you were such a stunningly beautiful boy.

Off you went to your new home, where you became a massive part of your family’s life. You were so much loved and treasured. You were a brother to Tess and a protector to Petal, giving her confidence when she needed you. And wherever Linda and Lucinda were, in the garden etc, you needed to be near them. You all needed each other.

Eventually, you plunged yourself into fundraising and spread awareness to the public of your breeds nature and gentleness. You were such a gentle soul with everyone. You met and touched so many hearts.

On the very rare occasions when Linda and Lucinda left you, for a short break we at Greyhound Rescue were honoured to look after you and your girls.

We remember almost to the same time in the afternoon, you would suddenly need that crazy half an hour and the room and garden became somewhere to race about at 40mph, having great fun scratting your bed up, bouncing around with play and joy, where suddenly cushions were thrown through the air as you galloped off again! So funny to watch your girls, I’m sure they were thinking ‘oh, here he goes again’!

Then your last walk out at night, you’d decide, ‘well actually, I don’t want to go out right now thank you’! Eventually, you would, but with eyes half asleep, making us feel guilty in asking you to do this.

Although we must admit, it was an easier job if we had a little piece of cake to tempt you with.

What a happy gentle giant you were. One who was so much adored by many, one who loved his family and his life.

Now you have been taken, diagnosed with the devastating knowledge that you had bone cancer, and in such a short time as with many greyhounds you were taken from a totally destroyed and heartbroken family, leaving Linda and Lucinda and your dear girls Tess and Petal.

You have gone from so many people you touched, and all have been left in shock.

You have left so much pain behind, but within your life you have also left a legacy that will be carried on in changing many greyhound’s lives for the better.

So we say goodbye to a very, very special gentleman, Magic xx

Always Remembered

Magic sleeping.jpeg
Magic 6.jpeg
Magic & Petal 1.jpeg
Magic 5.jpeg
Magic fundraising.jpeg
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Loss of Our Precious Opal at 22 Years old

It is at times like this that we find it so very hard to say goodbye to such wonderful old timers!

Opal came into kennel some 20 years ago and she was tried in a home along with her mother Gem who had been brought in with her but it did not work out - read the Opal & Gem story on our website as these 2 were quite a pair of monkeys!

Opal passing was quick and although she was old, we never expected it as she always acted like a pup!

That is my part in this over... Opal was most certainly Karens girl and was her last remaining girl from Brackenholme in Selby. Karen will do a write up about Opal but for all those who sponsored her over the years, we and Opal thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

She is missed like you cannot imagine! xxx

A Young Opal

A Young Opal

Opal with her mum Gem

Opal with her mum Gem

Opal at 22

Opal at 22

Binty & Danny


In 2005 a gorgeous 5yr old black greyhound called Drive me Crazy came into my life.  With the kennel name of Britney I knew immediately that that had to be changed and she became Binty. Binty was cheeky – she would chew anything and everything – remote controls, cables, tin plates, bed sheets, dvd cases and anything else that she fancied.  I would frequently come home to find the post in pieces.  She was known as Bintybog due to her passion for drinking out of the toilet!  Day 1 with me she stole a pie from the kitchen counter, left the pie on the floor and ran into the lounge with the tin pie case as though asking for dinner with her bowl, and I thought that she would have preferred to eat the banoffee pie!! Binty managed the move when we moved from the country to the city and continued her scavenging role.  Salford had so much more opportunity for finding pizza scraps, even better when Danny had no teeth to eat them with so she could have everything!!  She loved my wife and would love her ‘ra ra’ time when she would have rough and tumble on the floor with lel. Binty developed kidney problems and became very fluffy, she was our ‘fluffer’, our little owl and looked like a badger as she got older. She was still so so beautiful. On June 28th 2014 Binty asked us to let her go and with the help of our brilliant vet she moved on to join her Wolfie who had gone so many years before.  7 months on, we miss you every day gorgeous girl.  No-one will ever replace you. You were my first dog and got me through everything. We love you gorgeous girl, sleep well.xx


It is difficult to truly describe Danny. By the time we lost him, at the age of 9yrs old he was known as our toothless, tail-less, hairless, brainless wonder! Before that he had many other names, an anaconda on springs, commander Dan Dan and most of all, our gorgeous Danny boy.  He was a true clown and would make you smile and laugh whenever anything wasn’t so great. In 2010 I was lucky enough to get Danny from Karen and after five fabulous years with him, on 28 September 2014 he made the decision to leave us.  We had no choice, just as he had had no choice 3 months earlier when his beloved Binty girl had left.  He is now back with her, curled up together as they always were, happy. Danny, we miss you every day.  Our newbies, whilst very cute and lovely are not, and we do not want them to be you but we miss you, so much.  Sleep well gorgeous boy. All our love, Mummy Ruth and Mummy Lel xxx

danny memorial.jpg

Lola's Tribute To Boris

Dear Boris

I am so sad that you had to leave us.  I followed  one step behind you on my first Great Global Greyhound Walk and I felt safe with you. You showed me that there is a much better life after the Race Track, and you gave me the confidence to go out and enjoy my  new life adventure.  I will never forget you, Boris.  Run free with the wind in your face and the sun on your back.

Love Lola xx






A message from Karen & Dawn at Greyhound Rescue X

Although Boris did not come from our rescue, he became special in our hearts not just because he was such a stunning beautiful greyhound but he was the reason Lola is with her mum Susan.

Susan contacted us after meeting Boris shortly after moving into her property and asked us if she could adopt 'Bonnie'. At the time, Bonnie was not ready for adoption having just lost her kennel mate Harry and being comforted and possibly being re-homed with a male. So we had just got a very young gorgeous girl in called Lola, who we were going to keep for fundraising - we knew she was very special.

However, Karen decided Susan was the perfect home for Lola and so off she went, and within a couple of weeks, Lola met Boris and the 'love affair' began. She adored him. We as humans do not always appreciate how close these dogs become and what an affect losing a mate has on another - even if they do not live together.

Well done Boris for showing Lola the strength she now has and for showing Susan that Greyhounds make the perfect pets! You will be sadly missed by all that knew and loved you and by those who knew of you.

Keep on doing what you do best Lola with your mum - just what Boris showed you and teach all the other new ones the way.

In Memory Of Boris

RIP Boris - Run Free xxx

Written In Honour Of Our Lovely Little Girl Freya

You arrived at this rescue as a shy frightened little girl, not yet being 2 years old, so young to have suffered the cruelty you had known.

As your time went by with us, you became less afraid and accepted the feeling of safety and you knew that we loved you and were here for you, to help you forget your past of human betrayal.

Your chance came, the chance of being a much loved family pet with 2 lovely people, whom fell in love with you (as many did), despite all they could do to show you, you were safe and cared for, you chose to come back to the kennels.

And here you became so happy and playful, you’d found the place you wanted to be, with us and all the other dogs. A place you were in your own happiness and contented with your life, with your friends, your toys, your warm bed and two human hearts that found you such a beautiful treasured little creature.

At the age of nine and very unexpectedly you fell silently asleep, and left us in such a state of desperate sadness and with such a deep feeling of loss and emptiness.

Our dear Freya, you will always be remembered as our playful, gentle girl, who found a safe place to be happy, who made such an impact on so many people.

Your exit from this life has broken the many hearts that met you, and I know two hearts will always carry a piece of you forever.

Goodnight our little girl. Xx

Freya - (24/12/08 – 15/01/2018)

Lastly, myself and Dawn would like to say to all the kind people that have sponsored Freya, a big heart felt Thank you, for caring enough to sponsor her, because all these dogs need help and without people like yourselves our job would be so difficult to give each individual dog the care they need.

Karen x

Freya - Just the beautiful angel she is xx

Freya - Just the beautiful angel she is xx

Freya x

Freya x

Freya 8.jpg
Freya enjoying playtime!

Freya enjoying playtime!

Happy Girl xxx

Happy Girl xxx

Memories Of Solo

Born in the rescue, Solo, from the minute of opening your eyes you were determined to live a ‘life of mischief and naughtiness’.

Such a bundle of dynamite waiting on the line to explode at any second.

What a song and dance you led us whenever you could grab the opportunity.

You had to be separated from your siblings at a very early age, as you’d never let them sleep!

You lived your life with your mum, the only dog that could ever keep you in check, and sometimes that was quite a task.

Up and down and round and round the kennels you’d go, if you didn’t want to go into your bed, it was a real run-around.

You had a mind of your own and did exactly what you wanted. What a funny girl you were.

We never expected you to fall into such a terrible illness, an illness that took our mischievous girl Solo away from us. The girl that with her funny stubbornness and strong mind of her own, it turned you into a quiet and fragile lady who needed lots of cuddles and reassuring words. Words with the hope that you would beat your illness, but we knew the odds were against you.

Solo, you wagged your tail when you had your visit from the best vet you could possibly have. You never complained with you blood test, and we had hope.

Two weeks down the line, suddenly within hours, that hope was taken and you passed away in your bed with your mum beside you.

Yes you made sure that you saw Dawn and myself before you quietly left us.

There will never be another you, there’s mischief and naughtiness in everyone’s and everything’s heart and you had a big piece in yours.

You will be remembered for your character and always remembered with love.

RIP our lovely little mischief Solo xx

(Solo - who passed away on 23rd December 2017)

Solo the mischief

Solo the mischief

Solo & her mum Opal

Solo & her mum Opal



Solo & Dawn when Solo needed her cuddles xx

Solo & Dawn when Solo needed her cuddles xx

The Hardest Goodbye To Our Own Special Beau x

Beau having breakfast with her mum Debbie xx

Beau having breakfast with her mum Debbie xx

Beau at her best! xx

Beau at her best! xx


Goodnight Beau xx

3rd September 2002 - 23rd March 2017

It makes me smile when I recall your favourite items in life, your great love of food, amazing how the smell of those Yorkshire puddings could make you jump off your sofa, even though we thought you were fast asleep! A good stew was always welcome! You even took a shine to a nice bit of trifle or cream cake.

You were never bothered! The night we had fish and chips and as I was talking you were eating the other end of my fish and when you drunk all my coffee with whiskey in!! You had never drunk coffee before that, then dear me, suddenly you did (wonder why)?

The times you went into the garden and would look as though to say, ‘I’ll be in when I want to be in’, all done in your lovely lady like manner. The list could go on.

But what an amazing girl you was and so, so beautiful. You were such a massive part of Dawns life but the only greyhound I knew with three mums, all of which loved you dearly.

Sadly the day came when you had to leave us with the devastating news you had bone cancer. We were both with you and Dawn was right by your side. Your mum Debbie did a 2 hour journey to see you before you were due at the vets. That’s how you affected everyone’s life, believe me, you were and will be loved, always.

In our garden now stands a weeping willow in your memory and which we will watch grow as we did you. By the side stands a statue of two greyhounds, one for you and one for your beloved Gamble, whom you will now be with again.

You’ve left a big hole in our lives and taken a part of our hearts with you.

Miss you always beautiful Beau. xx



Dawn & Beau xx

Dawn & Beau xx


Field Of Gold


A long way away there’s a field of gold,

Where our loved ones go when they get old

Now this magical place has just a few laws

And that is only for those special paws


You’re free to play and run with grace

Or will you gently take things in your very own pace

Your painless body will dance all night

And your eyes will shine with joy so bright


Our dear Beau, you’re missed so much

If only we were able to feel your touch

But your gentle Gamble will be by your side

As we are sure he was the day you died


You took a piece of our heart and many a tear

Yet we all know you are still so near

And as we imagine you in that field of gold

Where you have gone because you were old


We see your beauty in the days of lark

And I’m sure we hear your gentle bark.


Goodnight Beau xx

A poem for Beau written by Karen xx


Beau & Gamble Memorial xx

Beau & Gamble Memorial xx

My Birthday cake I didn't get to share with you xx

My Birthday cake I didn't get to share with you xx

Gamble. The love of Beau's life - Back together again xxx

Gamble. The love of Beau's life - Back together again xxx


It is with sadness and regret that we have to announce the loss of Duke who sadly passed away on Monday 25th March 2013.

To all his friends and the people who loved him
Those who knew him so well and those who he made laugh
All the hearts he touched with his brave and determined willpower
Never complaining about anything, even though he was not only blind but he had so many other problems.
His character of fun and joy won everyone’s affection, who were lucky enough to meet him.
For this beautiful black greyhound’s soul, so precious to us, so special and loving.
He has now left us, so quickly and suddenly, and broken so many hearts.
We have lost a dear friend in you, young man and a hole in our lives.


There will never be another ‘Duke’ X

Karen Schultz….