A Tribute To Magic

A great sadness and black cloud has hung over so many people’s lives and we are no exception at Greyhound Rescue at the announcement that Greyhound Compassion have lost their beautiful boy Magic.

Many of you met Linda and Lucinda of Greyhound Compassion on our memorial walk held at Woodhall Spa where they were accompanied by their lovely girls, Petal and Tess and of course handsome Magic, who was the heart of this special family. Firstly, as a much treasured family member to Linda and Lucinda, secondly as a fundraiser and ambassador for his breed less fortunate than himself. Magic went about so willingly, everyone that met him were left with such an impact and an insight of how gentle and loving greyhounds can be.

So Magic, without further ado ,let’s take a look at your life.

Of course you started your life as a racing greyhound and you totalled up over 120 races in your career.

As a lot of your breed, you didn’t expect anything special and more than likely wouldn’t have got it anyway. So you carried on as a number, among thousands of dogs on the race track.

But soon for you, the best was yet to come, and your life was to take a very different role, so around the corner appeared your special family and your time for that forever home.

You were introduced to Linda and Lucinda who were looking for that special edition to their family and one that would be a good companion to their 2 girls, Petal and Tess.

On meeting little Tess, she let you know that as long as you realised she was the boss, she was fine with that.

Petal was rather more shy when she met you, but took things in her stride, so all this was a brilliant start.

Linda and Lucinda instantly fell in love with you, but who wouldn’t as you were such a stunningly beautiful boy.

Off you went to your new home, where you became a massive part of your family’s life. You were so much loved and treasured. You were a brother to Tess and a protector to Petal, giving her confidence when she needed you. And wherever Linda and Lucinda were, in the garden etc, you needed to be near them. You all needed each other.

Eventually, you plunged yourself into fundraising and spread awareness to the public of your breeds nature and gentleness. You were such a gentle soul with everyone. You met and touched so many hearts.

On the very rare occasions when Linda and Lucinda left you, for a short break we at Greyhound Rescue were honoured to look after you and your girls.

We remember almost to the same time in the afternoon, you would suddenly need that crazy half an hour and the room and garden became somewhere to race about at 40mph, having great fun scratting your bed up, bouncing around with play and joy, where suddenly cushions were thrown through the air as you galloped off again! So funny to watch your girls, I’m sure they were thinking ‘oh, here he goes again’!

Then your last walk out at night, you’d decide, ‘well actually, I don’t want to go out right now thank you’! Eventually, you would, but with eyes half asleep, making us feel guilty in asking you to do this.

Although we must admit, it was an easier job if we had a little piece of cake to tempt you with.

What a happy gentle giant you were. One who was so much adored by many, one who loved his family and his life.

Now you have been taken, diagnosed with the devastating knowledge that you had bone cancer, and in such a short time as with many greyhounds you were taken from a totally destroyed and heartbroken family, leaving Linda and Lucinda and your dear girls Tess and Petal.

You have gone from so many people you touched, and all have been left in shock.

You have left so much pain behind, but within your life you have also left a legacy that will be carried on in changing many greyhound’s lives for the better.

So we say goodbye to a very, very special gentleman, Magic xx

Always Remembered

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