Brindy -Passed away 12.8.19

Brindy is a 9 year old brindle male.

He came to us from a home where he had been passed on from another owner to a lady with a small child.

Whilst Brindy is a loving dog, he should never in our opinion been re-homed to anyone with children as he does have a few issues.

He is quite a noisy boy for a greyhound but this is only for attention for his food and he does need to go straight out after eating as he has not been completely house trained.

It is our belief that he was probably kept as an outside dog before this lady took him on and she was not told the truth.

This did lead to a sad time for not only her but her little girl who had fallen in love with Brindy and also Brindy as he had to be brought into kennels.

We agreed to take him as a emergency case as RGT refused to take him as did the previous owner. Brindy IS an ex racer.

He has a fungal nail infection in all feet and this caused an infection in his leg which is now sorted. If this little girl had been around Brindy and touched him then he could have snapped at her, simly as he was in pain, not because he is nasty because he is not.

Brindy is on the sponsorship scheme for these reasons. We would consider re-homing him to one of our previous owners that knows and understands the more traumatised greyhound or someone who met our requirements and his needs. This would have to be someone very special who is at home full time with no other pets and is willing to take time with him and needs to have no joined on neighbours.

If we cannot find anywhere for Brindy then he will very happily spend his days here with us. We will look after this unique lad. He just needs a lot of attention and understanding.