Nipper and Betty

Nipper is a 3 & half year old male greyhound and Betty is a 3 Year old female greyhound.

Nipper is black with a bit of white and Betty is white and black and as they are kennelled together, they are ‘very much in love’!

They are both always happy to see you, wagging their tails and have lovely temperaments. Karen wants to re-home these two wonderful greyhounds together as they are perfect for each other and it would be a shame for Nipper to lose Betty as he loves his girl.

To be honest, it you are taking one greyhound…you may as well have two! They are such an easy breed. These two will keep each other company too, whilst you are out.

They are desperately looking for their forever home.  We must help these two stay together, so if anybody thinks they are right for Nipper & Betty, who are waiting to just love you and make your life as special then contact us via email or on 07811 296029. – You will never look back. X

Karen is hoping that these two will been re-homed by a very special couple who sadly lost their second greyhound recently as they would be perfect for them. She is just waiting for them to come forward when they are ready but we know it takes time as they take a massive part of our hearts….. Nipper and Betty are waiting x

Nipper and Betty have now both been rehomed.

Betty in her new home and having a laugh with her mum....