Storm is an 8 month old Greyhound Cross pup.

Storm was found wondering the streets on 27th December 2015. He had one fractured front leg and his other front one also got a hairline fracture due to neglect and malnutrition and so his bones were still very soft and under developed. These issues have been treated and he has been tested for varies problems with bones and all is fine.

He has just had to have crate rest and is now on small walks but is not allowed to play hard or be jumping about for a while still, maybe about another 2 months to make sure he is completly fine.

We need somebody who is going to give him the love and care he deserves as he has had such a poor start to his life. He will make somebody a really lovely pet.

The lady who has him now is the lady who found him and named him ‘Storm’ as he was found in a storm. She took him in but knew she could not keep him as she has 3 other dogs already.

She tried varies rescue centres including RSPCA and Dogs Trust and nobody would take this little lad.

He is good with her cat and other dogs, friendly with people. He has not really been in contact with children so we do not know on that one. He has been nose to nose with her rbbits and not bothered at all. He is a kind little boy and just needs a lot of love and TLC.

We desperately need someone to come forward to take this boy on. He will make a full recovery and will fill you life with love.

It is so sad when people just dump these dogs but he must have been in so much pain. Thanks to kindness of this lady, he was saved.

If you can give Storm that forever home and safety, love and care, then please contact the rescue on 07811 296029 or email us. Prefrebly no children or other pets as needs to be kept quiet for a while.

Thank you