He is one of 3 hand reared Kittens (hand reared by Karen). They were born to one of the feral cats before we could catch them to have them neutered!

The mother just dropped them and they would have died. Karen spent weeks of sleepless nights feeding and looking after their every need! Along with all her other duties at greyhound rescue!

His brother Rice and Sago are the spitting image of him.

We did find out their father was the one and only….Whitey Almighty who we also have living here!

We have had a number of cats turn up at the rescue which is why we have start re-homing them and now started a sponsorship scheme for the cats too.

We have now caught and had all the feral cat neutered and so no more kittens hopefully! We are however always on the watch for the next one turning up as it seems people just cannot afford to keep them or simply have enough!

We just wish people would think and talk more before getting animals and make the decision properly. After all, they deserve a good & happy life too, don’t they?