Trio has passed away

Meet Trio


It is with the greatest sadness that we have only just been able to bring ourselves to write this...But we lost our beautiful Trio at only 5 years old to Kidney cancer.

He fought so hard to survive as he had from the moment he was born and hand reared by Karen. He was the only surviving one of the litter. 

He was one of the most special 'spiritual' cats...funny, loving - just an absolute pleasure to be around and since Karen has been too unwell to get upstairs on a night, I had the fun times of Trio sleeping on my head and him doing my hair on a morning! 

We watched The old game shows when he or I couldn't sleep and he really liked 'Bullseye... I used to says to him ... ' you can't beat a bit of bully' and he used to sit on my chest just watching the darts!!! How a little man like that can rip out your hearts....and me? I was terrified of cats up until I met this little fella. Now....I adore them! He even helped me through the loss of my greyhound Beau recently. You see, they know when you need them...But he just couldn't stay. And you have to always do what is right for them - no matter how it affects you. If are in it for the wrong reason.

I know it broke Karens heart... Each time I ever took Trio out to the vet she used to say ' have you got the crate locked right?' 'Make sure the door is to your body and your hands are under it because if you lose him you better not come back or .... I knew the rest'! She had a very special bond with him - a bit like with her Duke and Quina. 

I am writing this over 2 months on and tears are falling down my face.....I am so honoured that Karen let him into my life. I cannot thank her enough.

Night Night Tri Me Me Me xxx

(Trio is 4 years old and was hand reared by Karen at the rescue.

He is the most sensitive cat you will meet. He is so sweet and a very beautiful young boy.

Trio always looks after you if you feel unwell and although he is quite a nervous little boy he is such a kind hearted soul.

If you would like to sponsor Trio then please contact us.

He will be your forever friend. xxx)

Trio passed away after a massive battle with kidney cancer. He was one of the bravest cats we have ever seen and a real fighter throughout his short life of 5 years.