Re-homed - Meet Comarra & Todd

Comarra is a white female greyhound 3 years old and Todd is a fawn male greyhound who is also 3.

They have been kennelled together whilst in racing kennels and to be honest, they have fallen head over heals in love, so much so that Todd cannot bare to be parted from Comarra….He refuses to even try to race as wants to just get back to his girl!

So they have decided to retired them both to us and let us re-home them together as a couple, so that they can live the long happy life together that they both so want and deserve!

This is quite a lovely story for these 2 and heartwarming. And not an unusual one from this particular racing kennel.

They do want to retire them at the first sign of a strain or if they are in a situation such as these 2. They don’t push them.

As with Liquorice, she was brought in as she was not bothered about racing and they wanted her to go to somewhere special and not just be sent anywhere and so she is awaiting that special someone to come forward. She is a delight too.

As for Comarra and Todd, they are made for each other, playful, good clean dogs and will make that special someone who is looking to take on a pair the ideal couple.

So anyone seriously interested then call Karen or Dawn on 07811 296029 or email or

We will not split Comarra and Todd up.

Todd 2.JPG
Todd 1.JPG