Robert Has Been Re-homed

Robert! Well here is a beautiful sweet 2 year old black male greyhound who is quite simply one of the most laid back boys we have ever known!

He is so very calm and sweet natured and just adores humans and his female greyhounds too! He really loves Liquorise , who he does spend time together with, who is also 2, and they would make a lovely pair for anyone who is wanting to take on a pair!

They chill together, play lovely together. On first meeting, it was like they had always been together.

They are kennelled separate but next to each other, just in case they have to be parted (not what we would prefer) but we need to re-home and unfortunately we are not having a great deal of success with black greyhound just now. Why? Could not tell you - my first ever greyhound was black and my goodness, he changed my world! I adore him as much now as I did when I first laid eyes on him and I lost him back in 2011.

‘A greyhound changed my life’ that was him…look at me now. So where are you all? The ones who are waiting for the right time? the right dog? The right life?

Until one day it is over…too late for them and for you.

You will never know what you have missed out on.

ok, so we have a checklist of what we require. That is welfare. We have to be responsible for the dogs welfare.

These checklist can be found on our website and are things such as secure back gardens with 5 to 6 ft fencing and what type of property, do you have children (is so what age?), any other pets (we do not re-home with cats). And so on.

All these greyhounds desperately need a home. And we desperately need you. Please call Karen or Dawn on 07811 296 029.

Please don’t let Robert be one that is left behind like ‘Brindy’ who is 13 on 25th August 2019. His racing name was Lanesdown Brindy Previously Lanesdown Tiger when in Ireland. He raced at Peterborough and Nottingham after Ireland.

We got a call from a lady 7 years ago to say she had taken him from a trainer and couldn’t cope so had him tied to a radiator in her house and ‘if we didn’t take him’ etc etc etc…. but she brought him to us and he has been left with us. Brindy has issues but could have gone to the right home.

He will now live in final life out here as he is bad on his legs. But he didn’t have to. And he didn’t deserve it.

He loves a cuddle and just needed someone who understood him. Not who treated him badly.

He will always be special to us.

Come and meet him. We will show you - even at 13 - they still need love…..but don’t leave them until 13!

Thank you.


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Robert 5.JPG
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Robert 1.JPG


Cheeky Brindy a little younger! x

Cheeky Brindy a little younger! x